Monday, September 14, 2009

Maine Poodle Rescue - Poodle Party

Maine Poodle Rescue Poodle Party was held on Saturday, September 12th in Belgrade. The lovely Steve and Tanna hosted the party at their gorgeous house - thank you so very much!
This account is strictly a visual one - although there really is no way to express the excitement and joy of seeing so many poodles in one place at one time.

All who entered were greeted by the lovely and kind M.Ann Akin, (aka Alexis) who herself was "with dog".

After a quick greet at the house it was off to the beach where all (when I say all I speak of the poodles, of course) had a great time

The poodles, one and all, were incredulous when they realized they were not being invited to the meeting - poor Steve was the "bad guy" at the door........
A reprieve of the house but in their own space.

Just couldn't resist posting this one - what a face!
A few of Maine Poodle Rescue placements.........Ellie

Onyx - the black boy sporting the orange bandana - he is currently available for adoption
Sophie (whose story will soon be featured on the website)
And Zeus.

A really great time was had by all!

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