Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Next Meeting Information and Ellies story

As some of you know we met at the beginning of March to establish a formal Maine Poodle Rescue. This is coming along very nicely with plenty of news to share, but the really big show is the second meeting which is scheduled Sunday March 29 at noon in Augusta. At this one we will have to get down to the nitty gritty, establish protocols, figure out how to raise $, establish a board, etc. Much of the legal work is being done by Jon Hull and we have some really smart minds in our network: of course! They are poodle people.

We asked the first group to network like crazy with poodle people and bring them to the second meeting: the more the better. We need to hear everyone's issues and advice. So PLEASE try and come. Bring your poodles too as the venue is going to be pretty nice for them also. After we get done with the meeting they can run around in a safe place and admire each other.

The Board room of the YMCA in Augusta is the venue. If we have more than 20 people show up we can access the library. And the Y offers us the facility gratis! Thank heavens because other organizations in the area wanted to charge us some hefty fees.

The YMCA is a brand new building next to the Augusta Police Department which is almost next to the Governor's Blaine House Mansion. If you know where the capitol building is you can find the YMCA. Don't go to the old Y as it has been torn down.

From RT 95 and the Civic Center head into Augusta following directions for the capitol. That should bring you into a traffic circle (notorious for accidents, be careful) thence to Blaine House. Go through a set of lights and take next left at the next set of lights, site of a human services building.

The meeting is at noon, Sunday March 29, 2009.

And now........................ since I never stop networking, here is a pitch for a rescue chez moi for the last 6 weeks or so. Ellie, 13.5 years old, white, small standard at 34 lbs, had surgery today to remove infected warts and something rather nasty on her shoulder. Has slight cataracts but sees fine. Teeth in good shape. Had round worms, now treated. Awaiting lab report on shoulder tumor (?) and keeping fingers crossed. Sweet disposition, a lap cuddler. When she arrived was badly matted (I removed almost 3/4 lb of mats and grime) hungry, with no muscle tone. Is now walking daily, eating very well and likes being in Maine. Originally from California. Fine with cats, humans etc. Rides well in the car. Does not need leashing when walking. Would be suitable for someone who is at home most of the time with light but consistent exercise. Ellie still has plenty of good years ahead of her. A small sweet lass.

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